Mataji Smt. Kela Devi Paliwal
Late Shri Ramgopal ji
Late Smt. Anusuiya Paliwal Firozabad (U.P.)
Shri Bijendra Dutt ji
Smt. Madhuri Devi Paliwal
Firozabad (U.P.)
Shri Shivdutt Paliwal
Firozabad (U.P.)
Shri Arun Paliwal
Firozabad (U.P.)
Shri Bijendra Prasad ji
Pushplata Paliwal
Nazafgarh (New Dehli)
Shri Bhanwarlal Ji
Smt. Kanku devi Paliwal
Bhilwara (Rajasthan)
Late Smt. Bhagwati Devi Paliwal
Bhilwara (Rajasthan)
Late Shri Gaurav Paliwal
Firozabad (U.P.)
Shri Suraj Prakash Ji Paliwal
Nazafgarh (New Dehli)
Shri Somesh Paliwal
Nazafgarh (New Dehli)

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Intimation of General Assembly on 10 Sep 2016

Paliwal is a surname in India that many families have adopted from their place of origin: Pali. The origin of the surname Paliwal is Pali wale (a person from Pali). Most of the inhabitants of Pali were called Paliwals. As well as Brahmins, some other groups from Uttarakhand and Malwa use this surname. Pali was for many years a center of trade and commerce, located in the current state of Rajasthan in India.

This web site is used for gathering information of Paliwal Samaj. This web site is a dynamic web site. Visitors of Paliwal samaj can register their data and the registered data is displayed in the list of members in member tab.

Visitors can also assured that their data is saved or not by just click on all members data in member tab and make a search by their name or mobile number because mobile number is unique. Might be some other member is having the same name as your name. If you want to search the data of other member you can search from there.

Name of Committee:   Akhil Paliwal Brahmin Seva Evam Samuhik Vivah Samiti, Kota
Registered Office: 2-A-46, Mahaveer Nagar Extn, Kota (Raj)
Registration No. R/118
Contact: Satyanarayan Paliwal, General Secretary : 9414318042
Sanjay Paliwal, Secretary : 8739887281
Techinal Enquiry: Ram Kumar Paliwal, Technology Minister : 09300375451

Note: The registrations on the website are being fed by anyone from anywhere and by the committee also on the basis of Parichaika of the respective regional committee. Hence, our committee do not take the responsibility of authenticity of the data. Users are requested/advised to please confirm through the telephone/mobile number given/shown in the registration before taking any decision or to ascertain anything.